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12 Sep 2012
Everex ERP on ORACLE
We are NOW porting our Everex Visual Solution 7 ERP  on ORACLE host...

25 Aug 2012
Retail technology forum
Our company is pleased to invite you to this event, which has been  designed to address modern retailing trends. The event will be held at Hilton Central Nicosia on...

15 Aug 2012
Everex partner Strategix new success
Leading Russian Retailer X5 Selects JDA Category Management Solutions to Optimize Revenue...

16 Jul 2012
Everex and Omega Telecom teaming-up
Everex and Omega Telecom join forces to provide Voice Networks, Hosted PBX and IVR systems...

25 Jun 2012
Everex new Java ERP
Stay Tuned more to come...

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Space and Category Management
Everex offers solutions to plan and control categories, assortments and
space to achieve the best possible result.The assortments are ideally
suited to the demand, space is designed to lead the customer through the outlet.
Thus, space productivity and rentability will increase

Managed Services. Managed Networks. Managed Software. Managed Companies
Everex offers IT infrastructure setups and administration. Data and voice
hosted PBX voice gateways, Data Center hosted networks,
applications and web systems

SAP Integration. SX Link Power. knowledge Power in a box (by Strategix).
Connect Space and Category Management solutions with SAP. with Strategix
SAP certified interface. Interface is in use by more than 30 companies.
Integrate SAP for Retail and JDA/s Space and Category Management.
Be in Control of your assortment, shelf's and space. Maximize your profits.